How to write policy

I will drop all the links I am using for research for now.  From what I’ve read so far we should focus on the proposal stage and once elected use the Justice and Treasury departments to write the final technical document.  The goal for us here is to provide something very similar to what they would do so the process can be more efficient.

A summary will replace this block of text that explains, in short form, the basic process from start to finish of creating or changing most of government and by any other account advise government.  The links provided are to articles that explain in detail what the departments need from us.  Most people will not want to go that deep into this.  

The Guides

Guide to Making Federal Acts and Regulations

The Guide describes the steps to be followed to transform policy into Federal Acts and regulations, which are forms of written law generally referred to as "legislation." It also outlines the roles of the participants in this process. If the process is carefully planned and competently carried out, the resulting legislation will achieve the Government's goals while adhering strictly to the principles and policies underlying our legal system.

Developing and Improving Federal Regulations

How regulations are made, requirements for developing regulations, updating regulations and regulatory cooperation.

Community of Federal Regulators (CFR)

The Community of Federal Regulators (CFR) is a partnership of federal departments and agencies that facilitates collaboration and the professional development of employees involved in regulations across the federal government.

Policy on Regulatory Development

This Policy on Regulatory Development (the policy) outlines the requirements that federal regulators must meet in order to comply with the Cabinet Directive on Regulation (the directive) as it relates to the process of developing regulations.

Guide to Canadian Legal Information

Federal Statutes and Regulations, Government Bills, Court Decisions, Constitutional Documents.


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