About the Rules

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About the Keepers

As we can see the key support staff, Keepers for lack of a better term, are our civil servant leadership.  They are the various heads of departments and divisions who were hired because they were vetted to be the best then promoted for experience, knowledge and dedication to service.  Our current system of governance requires them to take charge in some situations.  This is necessary because the elected representatives and their appointed representatives, in most cases,have only been in office a short time.  They lack the knowledge and experience with critical infrastructure required to deal with the situation. 

Today’s appointed representatives are typically highly qualified and considered experts in their field; sometimes they are not.  The appointed are expected to coordinate between the elected and civil leadership to develop projects, enact changes and present information to the public.  I propose we script the role of the appointed, hire the person that would have been appointed and rely 

on our civil leadership for their advice and recommendations outside the script.  The idea is that professionals, community members and stakeholders come together to write the script in a way that is easy for the civil leaders to carryout without too many issues outside of its scope.

The reason for the term Keepers is to not only recognise our reliance on their expertise and service but also to respect the information they hold that makes us the best at what we do and keeps us safe; our secrets.  We need people who can work with this information and be able to keep that information a secret from everyone.  It should be expected they will withhold information regularly and projects must be planned with what is received from requests for information.  At the same time it should be expected that most of the civil leaders will be forthcoming with information, as having a good plan before starting any project makes everyone’s job easier.