Common Network

One of the key requirements of complete self governance of a nation is a simple way for everyone to communicate. It must not require anyone to build or manage, it must only be for the Common People and their communication devices. This can be achieved today with the radio communication and network technologies in our cellular devices. Therefore, the first step towards creating the network should be to create applications that access the radio antenna and find other devices in range to build a network with.

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AdHoc Radio Relay Network

The ability to do this is already at your disposal. Your cell phone or wifi device are radio devices that can talk to anyone near you. It works the same as a 2-way voice radio.  You can communicate to your neighbour on a 2-way radio using public frequencies. Cell phones and wifi devices can use the public frequencies to communicate your messages. Let’s say you want to start a network. You install the application and start a small broadcast from your phone. Your neighbour John, 3 doors down, opens the app and hears your broadcast then joins your network by responding he can hear you and he is a part of your network. At the same time his neighbour, Fred, 3 doors down from him also opens the app and listens for a network. Fred is too far from your phone but he hears John’s phone and joins the network with John. Now you can talk to Fred because John will pass your messages between you two.Your conversations can be hidden through encryption so John won’t know the contents of the message. If Amy, who lives even further away from you, joins the network with Fred you can also talk to Amy through John then Fred.
There are no limits on the number of people who can join and the network can be as far and wide as our devices can broadcast. Wi-Fi routers have a larger area they can communicate in and access the World Wide Web using superior network infrastructures provided by our government and corporate constructs. These routers would allow you, John, Fred and Amy full access to the greater Internet.
With the internet gateways in the hands of a few the need for a alternative backup network is needed for emergency purposes. With most households equipped with radio network communication devices the opportunity to build a backup network is available. I purpose opening a spectrum of radio for public use and starting a project building an emergency communications network on that spectrum. The purpose of an ad hoc network proposal would be to regulate wireless device manufactures to support a public network feature. It allows people to build a network with anyone in radio distance. The idea is that if there was a failure of the internet backbone or the increasingly monopolised ISP markets; the public could rebuild the internet locally and independent of dysfunctional corporations or governments. To propose a portion of spectrum to be used solely for national government purposes. This would allow civil services a means to coordinate emergency actives or provide a cost effective infrastructure to reduce tax burden. These features are completely voluntary, the procedures and protocols are publicly known.
The ability for a population to build a self sufficient line of communication without government or corporate control is critical to self governance. The people must unite independently be fully detached from government and held far above both government and the corporations it creates. Once 2/3 of a nation form a network another part of the nominations phase can begin.