Welcome to the Independent Majority

Choose Independence, Drive Change: Your Vote, Your New Direction

In an era where party agendas often lead to deadlock and obscured truths, casting your ballot for an independent is a powerful statement for clarity and action. Our vision champions a democracy driven by policies crafted in the open – not behind closed doors – and refined through the collective intelligence of the public and experts, not party strategists. This is not politics as usual; it’s a movement towards a system where solutions are designed for the people, by the people, unmarred by partisan interests. Here, your vote is not a mere tick on a ballot; it’s a resounding call for a transparent, accountable governance model that genuinely reflects the diverse needs and aspirations of our communities. Embrace a future where decisions are made with the integrity of purpose, not swayed by party lines or hidden agendas. Vote independent and be part of building a government that truly serves, listens, and responds.

Independent Representitives

Explore the essence of Independent Representatives in our democracy. Understand how they differ from party-affiliated politicians, their roles, responsibilities, and the transformative impact they bring to governance. This section delves into the core of what it means to be an independent voice in the political arena.

The Keepers

Discover the pivotal role of Keepers in our system. These dedicated civil servants are the backbone of effective governance, providing continuity, expertise, and unbiased administration. Learn about their integral part in shaping and executing policy, ensuring that our government remains responsive and responsible.


Dive into a range of innovative example proposals crafted for the betterment of our society. From environmental strategies to economic reforms, these proposals represent the collective wisdom of experts and community members. Engage with ideas that are set to shape our future.

The Vote

The Vote section introduces our vision for anonymous elections using public ledgers. This cutting-edge approach promises enhanced security, transparency, and accessibility, revolutionizing the way we exercise our democratic rights. Understand the technology and its potential to redefine electoral processes.

The Agenda

The Agenda is the strategic blueprint for the term, outlining the key objectives and initiatives that our elected representatives will pursue. It's a detailed business plan for governance, ensuring accountability, clarity, and direction in fulfilling the public mandate.


Timetables are crucial for efficient governance. This section provides comprehensive calendars for representatives, detailing schedules, deadlines, and key milestones. It's about ensuring timely execution and transparency in the activities of our elected officials.


Navigate through the financial roadmap for the term in The Budget section. Here, we lay out the detailed fiscal plans, allocations, and projections that will drive our governmental activities. It's a commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency in public spending