It looks like you are interested in joining a forum about political activities, great!  We would like to be clear and upfront by pointing out the purpose of the Builder Forum is not to discuss politics.  The purpose of the Builder Forum is to have a place were people can go and work together to build a political plan.  Currently the only people who write political plans don’t share them with others (one reason we are here).  This just means we have the opportunity to be the first to attempt such things.  What is a political plan?  What should it state and what should it look like? This forum is for creating a way people can collaborate online to initiate political action and affect their elected representative in an easy to use and understandable format.  It is a place were a lot of work is needed moving information and making templates, making accounting spread sheets, writing documentation rules and formats etc.and etc..  The only political topic to be discussed will be homelessness and even that will be for example purposes only i.e. We identified the problem of homelessness and we need a goal of ending homelessness in 4 years. This will start a discussion on how a member can fill out a form to submit that identifies a “problem” which starts a “goal” component to solve that problem which is then applied to the agenda.  Wild assumptions will be made and the solutions will be pure conjuncture because this is not the place to solve the problems, just develop a method to problem solve.  The forum for discussing political topics will be discussed here as well.  If you are ok with writing articles and crunching numbers then welcome! 🙂